Hello I’m Myca,

I am currently a student pursuing a career in Information Technology. My main concentration is to strive my knowledge in web and software development, databases, and more. I like to be creatively and technically challenged. I found that IT is a great outlet for me to incorporate all of my passions together and create something innovative. That passion includes coding, business and communications. I enjoy my time creating mobile/web responsive applications.
Outside from coding, I enjoy my time going to concerts to see my favorite artists and bands. I like video blogging and editing videos. My favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones.
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FB Privacy Guide


A Facebook Guide to protect to your privacy online. This quick guide was written by Boxless Media. Along with HTML/CSS, I integrated a contact form using PHP that sends out messages to those who wanted to learn more. The form is connected to the database where I’ll be able to view their information.

Languages:  PHP | HTML/CSS

Index Page


Projectmyca.site is one of the domains I currently also own. The index page was empty and didn’t really have much. I decided to make it look better.

Languages: HTML/CSS, Javascript
Tools: Illustrator

One-Page Portfolio


This is a sub-domain portfolio website that showcases my front-end skills. I wanted to put my CSS skills to the test without overpowering animations and colors. My main goal was to document a one page portfolio where I’ll be able to display my latest work.

Languages: Pure HTML/CSS
UI Tool: Figma


These are the types of skills I know




Adoble Creative Cloud
Microsoft Office
Wordpress & Shopify CMS




Here are a list of work experience

Web Developer & Designer

Boxless Media

March 2017 – Present. In this job I get to design, modify, and code websites from front-end to back-end server code. I maintain websites for clients using WordPress CMS and CPanel. I use HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and PHP practices to enhance functionality and responsiveness in web applications. Uses Adobe Create Suite to provide UI/UX mockups and graphics.

Digital Content Intern

Boxless Media

Novomber 2016 – February 2017. I was doing dual duty as an intern where I got to collaborate with both of the team developer and social media director. I improved and made website updates for clients. In the social media side, I curated and scheduled social media posts for clients.

Web Developer & Designer


June 2016 – Present. With the learning experience I have gained, I was able to do some freelance work for people who needed websites. Clients would seek for potential help in moderating and updating their website or to fully developing a website from the ground up. I would also make business cards, flyers, and logos here and there.

Self-Employed Online Merchant

Paypal Account Store: Chicago Fangirl

August 2014 – May 2015. In this online business, I designed and produced graphic T-Shirts based on my favorite fictional books and artist at the time. I organized, packaged, and shipped products. To facilitate sales, I used my social media platforms to advertise.


Graphics made using Adobe Creative Cloud
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  • Graphic
  • Portrait
  • T-Shirts
  • Advertising
  • Banners