Vinyls and polaroids spark students’ interest

Vinyls and polaroids spark students’ interest

A blast from the past is not only bitter sweet, but a sweet moment of nostalgia. Items that that were once dead have risen back to popularity in the new generation. Teenagers have been turning back the clock not only in fashion, but technology.

Polaroid cameras and record players have become trendy pieces of technology for their style rather than function and quality.

Polaroids cameras have been around since the early 1900s and print photographs instantly. Now that phones have cameras and most photos only exist in the digital medium, there has been a decline in print photos. However, as more people realize the risk of permanent deletion of their online photos, Polaroid cameras have become a necessity for many again.

“It’s cool to have your photo print out right away instead of waiting for it to get developed. They also give out a cool filter to make it authentic,” freshman Alex Rivera Grant said.

Those tangible moments are something that can be remembered for a long time. The instant-print is one of the reasons why it’s liked by many.

“Polaroids are pretty cool and the picture prints out automatically. The fact that you only have one chance to capture a memory makes it more meaningful,” senior Natalia Waz said.

Even though downloading music online is easily accessible, music listeners always find a way to purchase music. The new trend is purchasing vinyl players and going to record stores to buy LPs. Stores like Half Priced Books sell records that collectors give away. The sells toward records are growing and more record labels are producing vinyls according to the Guardian.

“Vinyl has a different feel when you’re listening to it. You could have your favorite album and it means a completely different thing to you when you have a physical copy rather than just a few mp3 files,” senior Christina Pawlyk said.

With the help of social media and celebrities, the old fads and old technology that were once hip are making their way back to popularity.

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