Celebs who use their fame for good

Celebs who use their fame for good

We see celebrities on the big screen, red carpets, magazines, and on our TV. We always tend to hear what the tabloids say. Most of the things we hear about celebrities are pointless.

Students don’t seem to enjoy when the media cover news of celebrities that do good things for people. The only time when students and the media participated as a unison were when celebrities join a movement. For example, many showed their awareness for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. One of the reasons many became aware of the cause was because of social media.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emma Watson are very successful and very talented, yet they don’t get enough credit for what they do outside of their work.

People are monopolized by concentrating on headlines that aren’t actually “news-worthy.” Instead of talking about Kylie Jenner’s lip transformation or which celebrity is dating who, the people should talk about real headlines.

Real headlines like how Taylor Swift donated $50K to NYC Public Schools or Emma Watson’s gender-equality speech for her HeForShe campaign.

Those are news stories that are worth reading. Promoting things like that can inspire others to make a difference. Celebrities showing a prime examples to the public should be celebrated, not overshadowed by something like Harry Styles’ new girl.

Through the media, Malala Yousafzai’s life story has gotten even more recognized. This has changed many perspectives and become more informed about women’s rights.

People are on social media all the time. Some idolize celebrities. Some view them as role-models.They are the trend-setters in our society.

Celebrities who give back or anyone should be more recognized and respected, as they can make an impact on our society for the better.

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