The day when everyone decided to come home

The day when everyone decided to come home

Today was the day when almost everyone that I’ve been friends with since high school decided to come home from college. I thought one of my bestfriend is only coming home for the weekend, but I was surprised that a lot of my friends are back as well!

It’s so refreshing to see all of your friends in one room again. These are the people that has known me for years. We all have different lives now. We all go to different colleges. We’re all pursuing different careers. It was all weird to me at first, but it’s one of the realization that you know you’re an adult.

I think comfortability is a huge factor in our lives because it’s something we look for and look forward to. It’s nice to get out of your comfort level once in a while; however, being in a state of comfortability is nothing but bittersweet.

When you’re in college, no one really knows who you are. Everyone are just starting to get to know each other. Your roommate might not appreciate the things that your friends at home appreciate. Some might not laugh at the jokes that your friends at home might think is funny.

These people I’ve known for years know my tactics. They know how weird I am. They know how to make me laugh. They appreciate those little things that my college friends have yet to discover.

Reminiscing the times when we would have a bonfire every weekend or gather inside and tell the latest gossips are the types routine that we’re all used to. Those memories will always be there. Just having to experience that same feeling again is another memory to keep.

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