Remembering 2015

Remembering 2015

Looking back at the amount of memories I’ve made last year, there is no doubt that 2015 was such an amazing year. There were some downfalls, but the amount of positivity and happiness that surrounded me this year defeats all the bad ones.

I graduated high school. I’ve attended a lot of concerts. I learned how to skateboard. I started college this year. I have an idea of what I want to do when I grow up. Sure, I’ve made a lot of unforgettable memories this year. However, throughout my adventures, I learned a lot about myself.

I learned not to care what people think anymore. I learned from my mistakes and how to get back up from it. I learned how to be somewhat nicer to my siblings. I learned that I like to get to know people and see the light in them. I learned to surround myself with people who makes me happy and with people who challenges me to do better. I learned that I like cats better than dogs (don’t hate me dog lovers, I still somewhat love them). I like to make people happy. I learned that it’s okay to be you. I also learned to love myself.

Here is a list of my memorable 2015:

  1. Not only did I get to meet Walk the Moon, but I also got to see them live exclusively at the B96 live lounge.
  2. I got a chance to be part of the media crew for Lake Shake music festival for 2 days. I got up close to the stage to take a few videos and pictures. AND I GOT TO MEET KELSEA BALLERINI.
  3. I graduated high school.
  4. I moved to a new house, which was a change of scenery.
  5. I got to see Taylor Swift twice in Chicago
  6. I got to see Taylor Swift live again, but in TAMPA on Halloween
  7. Meeting my mutuals that i’ve been talking to for quite some time in real life
  8. I became close with people who lift me up
  9. I got to go to prom
  10. Surprising my little sister Jingle Ball tickets. She finally got to see all of her favorites in one night
  11. Learning and exposing myself to coding
  12. Finding new places to go around Chicago. Ex. Wicker Park
  13. I turned 18. I celebrated with my family at Big Bowl then with my friends at E+O the next day. Bought my first lottery ticket that day.
  14. Secret Santa with my best friends. Danced around, laughed, and exchanged gifts.
  15. I got a decent job than my old one
  16. I got my braces out
  17. I went to Lollapalooza for 3 days. I got to see Paul McCartney (A BEATLE LIVE!!), The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Halsey, etc. A lot of my favorite acts.
  18. Mini roadtrips at night with my closest friends and listening to some throwback teenage-rebel music and singing our hearts out.
  19. I started college and being able to do things on my own.
  20. Surprising my little sister Jingle Ball tickets. Even though we had nosebleed seats, she got to see a lot of her favorites that night.

Moral of my year:

She lost him and destructive friends, but found who she truly was and somehow that was everything.

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