Meeting Karlie and Gigi

Meeting Karlie and Gigi

March 22,2016

I don’t know where to even start. We can’t believe that we got a chance to meet two of my favorite people in the world.

It all first started on the 21st when we were all casually hanging out in Chicago in hopes that maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Karlie Kloss. She’s the new face of Topshop, so we roamed around the city and took pictures of wherever we see pictures of her campaigns. Then, I posted this on tumblr: X Karlie later liked this and messaged me the next morning. I’m totally fine. No biggie.

In fact, the day before we actually met her, we had moment with Karlie. We were just coming out of the Disney store and walked around where she was and saw a tall blonde and rushed to the other street. It was THE Karlie Kloss casually getting inside the cab. We quickly yelled her name and she waved back to us. That moment was so unreal, we didn’t know what lied ahead of us. Next day later, we actually ended up meeting with her in person.

After hours of waiting, I can’t believe my dream of meeting one of my role model came true. I find it very ironic how we were at the Disney store again in full hopes that maybe we’ll get blessed with fairy-dust and work its magic again just like it did before. A couple minutes later, it DID.

I was trying to keep my calm, but I was dying in the inside. Security was around, so I first quickly got a picture with Gigi. She looked very tired considering she took the red eye the day before and had an early morning shoot. I asked her how she was and she said, “I’m good.” She’s honestly so beautiful in person. I can’t believe that interaction with Gigi happened.

Then, I quickly went over to Karlie to meet her. I asked her to sign my Vogue magazine of her and Taylor, and she did. She told me I had a pretty name. She hugged most of us. I WAS SHAKING. SHAKING. I told her how she messaged me earlier that day and she was like “I was sitting on set, so I did a little stalking.” I WAS LIKE “SOISDJCOIDJSO SHUT REALLY?!” I didn’t really say that, but I was screaming that in the inside. So we took a couple selfies.  Most of them were really bad considering how shaky my hands were. She’s so tall and so beautiful. She had a long shoot that day, yet she came out of the car with such a smile on her face. Gosh I love that woman. Karlie is honestly THE definition of sunshine. She knows how to brighten up the whole atmosphere without even knowing the effect she gives. She’s radiating. I’m an aspiring computer science major and the fact that she encourages coding through the use of her celebrity, inspires me.

The fact that I got a chance to meet the person who I love and deeply admire was very unreal. I’m so happy and I can’t stop smiling right now. I would like to thank Karlie and Gigi for the moment we had. Our moment was brief, but that day was a memory I’ll never forget.

“Slay Z and Knockout really slayyyed and knocked us all up that day”-Chloe Grozdina


Myca Bautista

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